Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Infirmary

Backtracking to make up for missed days--

You may find this hard to believe, but life isn't always peachy in Yeeland.

Like this week . . .

Lilly's lovely green snot (but hey--maybe she was just trying to be festive--red nose, green snot) on Monday and a doctor visit.

And more green on Tuesday: Ian waking up vomiting, unable to keep even water down. Trip 2 to the doctor in two days.

Aint life grand?

Good news, though:
1. The doc gave Lill an antibiotic. I swear it's a Christmas miracle. No fever or ear infection, and yet, we got an antibiotic. Big score.

2. Ian's vomiting lasted 2.5 hours and then, one blood test, one tummy x-ray, one throat culture and probably about a thousand bucks later, it was gone just as quickly as it came. It disappeared and he was well again.

3. Neither Ian or Lilly caught what the other had. Maybe because I do my usual Clorox and Lysol routine when sickness hits this house. Here's a photo of the bleached goods. I hate using bleach on my children's toys, but when they are sick, I do use it and just rinse VERY well. It seems to work.

Any green in your holiday this week? Hopefully your green was a nicer shade than mine.


  1. good plan, cute bucket. i hear you. it's an hour before the festivities are to begin and my five year old just gave his bangs a harsh haircut. i looked up but then kept blogging b/c really, what can i do about it now? ;) merry Christmas!

  2. So glad it is all over! The photo looks like when I worked daycare. ;) actually... it looked like my house when my son spit milk all over his entire room (toys and all) a couple of weeks ago...

  3. Sorry for the illness! Sounds like you kept it all in perspect and remained positive.

    I was on my own for 7 months last year.....due to us relocating from Denver to KC......and my kids got sick several times. It's exhausting. Especially as the lone parent, all the while keeping the house in perfect condition while it was on the market (hence, the 7 month stint of single motherhood).

    The good news is that they haven't been sick in the 8 months since we have been together again! There is something to be said for how stress affects our immune system.