Friday, May 28, 2010

Coach Pitch

We are enjoying this new world of "coach pitch" baseball. Three strikes, you're out. Three outs, inning is over. Oh, and they keep score. That's new, too. It's quite the adjustment after two years of t-ball!

With Ian and his buddy Wilson on the team, Coach Brandon definitely has the world's most adorable models to advertise his restaurant. Agree?

But sadly, extreme cuteness doesn't count in the world of coach pitch baseball. Chick-fil-A lost 14-0 tonight to an older team from a more advanced division.

Ian didn't notice. On the way home he said proudly of his team, "Chick-fil-A is FAST."

Awww. He's sweeter than honey mustard with a side of waffle fries, don't you think?


  1. I just love little guys in their uniforms! My youngest is playing baseball now too and they are so cute! I think it is great they are teaching them early that 3 strikes means you are out...but our division doesn't keep score. That comes next year! Love your guys outlook on his team...that is awesome!!!!

  2. Yes, he is!!!!! Love the pics of the little boys. My 4 year old has not yet ventured into sports and I'm a little nervous. Soon enough!

  3. ABSOLUTELY! How sweet!

    {ps. How do you get your pics so large? I'm working on it.... but can't figure it out!}

  4. I want to play on the Chick-fil-A team! I am heading through Springfield and into Arkansas this week and Chick is on my to-do list, even above sushi! :)

  5. what a sweet life :)
    I am so glad everyones having fun!!!

  6. Adorable! Must be a change, having Corporate America depend on you to bring in those customers, huh? Or, I guess, not so much. That's ok. You don't need them to know how Tiger feels. They could not bring a higher cute-factor. Seriously. Who cares about the rules? KFC, LOOK OUT! The cuteness is coming for you!