Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hearing Re-check

**Update to this post: Ian's hearing test went well--he has improved since his last test. Hearing was perfect in his right ear, but still not up to par in his left. So, we are going ahead with tubes/adenoids surgery on June 2.**

Look at that face.

I just want the best for him.

Health. Happiness. And Hearing.

I want my baby to hear. WELL. No fluid. No earwax issues. Just pure sound.

(By the way, Ian's permanent hearing is perfect--all his hearing issues are b/c of wax or fluid--temporary and fixable.)

Tomorrow, he has a hearing re-check. Consider it a do-over before his tubes surgery in a couple weeks. If he passes with flying colors, we may postpone tubes.

Pray for us to have wisdom, okay?

Because I just want what every mama wants . . .
for my son to be as absolutely joyful as he was the morning this photo was taken; the morning of his birthday when he discovered the mega-Star Wars battle scene daddy had created at Ian's breakfast spot.

Having ears that work again might just do the trick.


  1. Just said and prayer. I'm believing God for a good report and for optimum health! Have a blessed week!

  2. Good luck! I am praying for a clean bill of health!

  3. I love this picture SO, SO much.

  4. Our prayers are with you, Rebekah, and your handsome boy :)

  5. You'll be so glad you did. pinky swear. Gone will be the days of rechecks, bubblegum antibiotics, pink eye, and sleepless nights.

  6. Oh, I hope his hearing is back to normal asap. Precious boy!