Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Wrap-Up

The people

and the table . . . I used three different china patterns: 1. My mother's wedding china, 2. My grandmother's china and 3. See the blue square plates? They are exactly like my great-grandmother's china. If anyone ever finds "Fire King Charm Anchor Hocking 1950-1954 Azurite color" china at a thrift store, call me, please! We only have four plates/cups/saucers.

Yes, we have an exercise bike in our dining/hearth room. What? YOU don't?

The place holders (tutorial for dowel rod flowers found here. I stuffed floral foam into these votive holders-Hobby Lobby-$1 to make a base and turn the flowers into place holders.)

The banners (world's easiest fabric banner: trace a cereal bowl onto fabric, cut out, press in half, fold over ribbon and sew around the half circle)

Never ask my children to "pose" for a photograph.

How many of us are still at the kid table?

The gifts for grandmothers--local honey ("You're sweet as honey, Hoo-Hoo."), birdseed, stepping stones; planters (Target dollar stop) decorated with stickers; the kids scooped the dirt and we added a wildflower seed packet and a chenille stem flower.

This was precious. The kids retrieved their gifts one at a time and delivered them around the table. This is the first year the children were really old enough to choose, make and take ownership of the Mother's Day gifts. It was sweet.

The treats . . .

Anyone else a fan of cake bites? They are easy to make, if you don't mind imperfect appearances (obviously I don't mind). Check out this link for different kinds to make and recipes. Although simple, they are time consuming as the process requires hours of freezing/chilling time.

The grand finale

Could this day get any more perfect? No. But, wait! Is that a butterfly? Yep--a magical moment when this little fella came in on our zinnias. The children were mesmerized. Caleb caught it inside a glass and released it.

And now, we turn our thoughts to Father's Day. Have any ideas to share?


  1. It looks like such a sweet, beautiful celebration! I love all of the handmade elements and pretty colors.

    Love your kids 'posing' - that is hilarious!

  2. Those were some really fabulous ideas!

  3. Wow! You are amazing! Your dowel rod flowers and banner were simply adorable! Haha love the exercise equipment in the dining room;-) And cake bites...yum! Happy Mothers Day to one amazing mom! Thanks for sharing your fun day with us!

  4. ozarkslady@mchsi.comMay 12, 2010 at 8:54 PM

    GOOD Mother's Day posts. I so enjoyed the pictures and commentary. BTW, I do not have an exercise bike in my dining room but I do have a treadmill in my living room. Does that give me any points? ;-)


  5. Oh, what a beautiful dinner. I want to sit up at that table! Rebekah I just love your site. Your photography makes life feel just a little better and more cheerful :)

  6. and p.s.
    YES, those cake bites are dangerously good.

  7. we have our exercise bike smack dab in our living room so i don't feel guilty watching tv ;)
    love your celebration pictures.
    for sure do a neck-tie fabric banner for father's day :)

  8. looks like you really thought through every special part of the day for all those mommas.

    You sure know how to party.

    Gosh this geography thing is really getting in the way of alot of fun opportunities.

  9. So cute rebekah! love the banner ;)

  10. The banner is terrific, as well as the happy family photos, and the good china. You make me smile!