Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tunes, Anyone?

The Aunt Rebekah thing has worked out very well for me these past 14 years. Sam keeps us laughing and guessing and learning all the time. Caleb keeps our calendars full with his first chair youth symphony gigs, church cello appearances, and school concerts.

Here he is singing at his Christmas concert. What a wonderful night. I love the shot Nathan captured of my dad giving my mama some lovin'.

And now, a special treat . . . Nathan's favorite Christmas tunes:
1. Hands down, all time favorite: A Charlie Brown Christmas
Good for anytime listening
2. An Old English Christmas by Craig Duncan
Nice for quieter/calmer listening
3. A mix of Harry Connick/Tony Bennett/Nat King Cole/Wynton Marsalis/Ella Fitzgerald
Perfect for shopping or parties--make your own mix (he did)

Coldplay!! Free on their site, the single "Christmas Lights". Listen + watch the video here.

Finally, have you seen this? Since it has about 5 million youtube views then I'm guessing yes, but I just saw it for the first time tonight, thanks to Nathan. Hilarious.

What are you listening to this Christmas season?

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  1. Our Christmas morning ritual is the Statler Brothers. I was unaware of their holiday tunes until I married my husband, but he grew up with them and so it's tradition.

    Great photos!