Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2


Lilly and her hanky: they've been inseparable since the day after Thanksgiving. So naturally I would not let her outside in 18 degree weather with the boys while they hung lights on our three happy bushes. Decorating the happy bushes outside our kitchen nook window is definitely a Christmas tradition.

After 10 solid minutes of her kneeling at the window forelornly watching and crying, "I want to go outsiiiiiiiiiide . . ." I relented. She headed outside to join in the fun.

Later, Ian and Lilly broke in the nativity for this season.

Ian's other sibling, Lovey, is never too far away for too long. Their relationship is different now that he is in kindergarten and so busy with life, but he never forgets her. I LOVE this picture.

I wonder if Lovey will still be in his arms next Christmas season.


  1. I'm a first year in graduate school, and my lovey (a rag doll named bobby because I couldn't say baby) is still with me. I've moved away from home to attend school and the closeness to my family he brings me is priceless. That picture is perfect (as they all are).