Saturday, December 4, 2010

She's Mine

Sweet Yee takes after her daddy in some ways.
She inherited his insanely high levels of serotonin and, going along with that, an incredible ability to take life in stride with a giant grin. Speaking of . . . she has his smile.

But in many ways, she is so me.

Christmas Craft Day at her preschool. Adult attendance and participation? Mandatory.

Seven craft stations, spread throughout the different classrooms. Each room had a giant easel, decorated beautifully with directions posted for the particular craft in that room.

Supplies were meticulously labeled and organized. Teachers were standing by to answer questions and spread holiday cheer. When the mad rush of crafting got too much, we could head to a lovely refreshment room for yummy Christmas snacks. And this isn't even the party+Christmas program day. That comes next week.

This preschool should write the book on how to do preschool.

Lots of Oriental Trading goodness and paint and glitter. All preschools should be well stocked in BOTH. Kids need to get messy. Moms and dads need to get messy.

This was my favorite. We started with half of the ornament. Bowls were lined up with teaspoons to measure out the different fillings. After filling it up, we snapped it together and added a chenille stem, curling it on a pencil. So cute. We'll be copying this for Ian's Christmas party at school.

This was a crafting MARATHON. I noticed a few children throughout the morning losing interest. Not us. Not my Lill. We were the last ones to leave. Literally, the last ones. Because she is so me, and when it comes to crafts, she can cut, glue and decoupage with the best of 'em. Now we have seven beautiful Christmas projects adorning the tree, house and walls. Merry Christmas.


  1. Not true...if only my smile were that adorable.

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