Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December 12

Christmas drawings.

There is a drawer in our art center full of crayons and markers and fun scissors and pencils. And when placed in the center of the table with the four of us around it, it can inspire some serious masterpieces.

Sunday was cold. SixTEEN degrees. The day started like this--cozy feet and hineys.

We eventually got dressed and headed to church. BRRRR! Ian wanted to make Christmas drawings when we got home, so we turned on the fireplace and some Christmas music and began.

Here is Ian's work. The outside of Santa's house on the left, the inside--the rooms of Santa and the Mrs.--on the right.

Santa's bag, by Ian.

Christmas gifts, by Ian and Nathan.

"Gingerbread Cookie Boy" by Lilly

"Frosty and Karen" by Lilly and Me

My stuff.

Fireplace by Nathan, stocking dots and rug by Ian

"O Little Town" by Nathan. Show off.

Throw some paper and crayons on your family table and draw! Happy Christmas creating!


  1. Remind me never to challange your family in a game of Pictionary :)

  2. we colored last night, special memory...thanks for bringing it to mind!

  3. @ Kelly...how about some SceneIt? =)

  4. ha ha. love kelly's comment
    such a sweet idea to art as a family.