Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's card outtakes

For the second year in a row, Christmas arrived before I managed to get cards sent. So on Christmas Day we attempted to get a great family shot for our second annual (Plan B) Happy New Year card. These poses didn't make the cut.

We finally managed to get a nice photo of the four of us. Nathan worked some serious, SERIOUSLY fab design mojo on them and they went out in the mail today. Picture coming soon.

Also coming soon: my thoughts on 2011. This year was absolutely amazing for me--life changing in so many ways. I have been putting much thought into the new year, setting goals and getting excited about what might be achieved. I vow each year never to make resolutions, but there is a wonderful newness each January 1 that demands some serious soul searching and goal setting.

One goal I know for sure--keep laughing at myself and this crazy family of four I am so blessed to call mine. Which brings me back to the New Year's card outtakes. I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Check out mom and dad, same day.

I won't share what mom was doing to make dad lose it here. That's classified.

Are you busy setting goals for 2011? Excited yet?


  1. I'm not sure we should know!

    Cute family pic.....the last one......your husband looks hilarious!

    2011.......30 pounds to lose. I'm hopeful!

  2. Oh I hope we made the cut. I'll be checking that mailbox diligently.

    SIMPLIFY. my word for 2011 and oh how much it applies to!

    xox happy new year friends.