Saturday, December 11, 2010

Red cups and noses

Going to see the lights at Cornerstone--definitely a local tradition.

It must begin with a stop here for teeny red cup hot chocolates for Ian and Lilly. Order your Starbucks drinks at "kids' temperature" and your children can inhale them immediately, no patience required.

Driving through the route of lights is so cheery.

And it was a balmy 27 degrees outside, so why wouldn't we do the walk through, too? I confess, I waited in the car. Have I mentioned I have a cough that is keeping me up all night every night?

It wouldn't be Christmas in this town without stopping here. What's your favorite outdoor lights display?


  1. Don't know where to go this year. New city. Lots to figure out!

  2. That one. :) Haven't found one in Kansas that compares.

  3. There's a house around the corner that has 48,000 lights synchronized to an FM radio station. It is brilliant. I assign it as homework for my students every year. They must go see the Elmrock house.

  4. there is a large florist that hosts a light display with a train you can ride every year. it's pretty sweet. and the santa claus parade goes right past our house so we can sit on the front steps and drink coffee