Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009: Year in Review

Dear Blog Reader,

In spite of the baking, painting, sewing, crafting, smiling and general merry-making you see on this blog, in some ways it was a tough year in Yeeland. In fact, I was ready to shoo away 2009 and let the fresh breeze that is 2010 blow through this house. Then I clicked through 12 months of precious, wonderful memories--memories seared into my mind and my computer's hard drive.

I was reminded: I am truly blessed. For this precious family of four--its closeness, its concrete foundation, our deep love and dependency on one other--I am thankful. Nothing the world throws at us can change that.

So bring it on, 2010. Bring on kindergarten for Ian, preschool for Lilly, the continuation of so much web and design learning and freelance opportunities for Nathan. What will 2010 hold for me? No idea. Am I ready? Probably not. But I will be.

Thank you for sharing all of these memories with me, sweet reader. Your presence means MUCH to me. Let's continue sharing life in 2010! And now . . . the Yeebird Year in Review:


  1. What would I do if there was no Yeeland in 2010? Love your year in review pictures. April made me realize how much Lily looks like YOU! Wow.

  2. Look how Lily has grown this year! You are so amazing with your pictures and software genius. I wish you lived closer and you could tutor me...that would be a full-time job for 2010 :)

  3. I love this recap! So creative. Your children are beautiful!!

  4. what a totally cool collage. Love the way you did the fonts.

    And very cool that you're in the Craft book too. Can't wait to see everyone's projects!!