Sunday, January 3, 2010

More White Stuff

It snowed again last night.

BIG flakes. The kind of flakes that stick to your eyelashes.

A snow for sledding down the front yard,

making snow angels,

burying your legs,

building a snow seat,

and getting little legs stuck.

Days like this, I'm glad I live in the Midwest. How's the weather in your neighborhood today?


  1. You don't want to know. hint: I'm in a tank top.

  2. Strangely enough, my weather looks a lot like yours ;)
    ANd we did much of the same thing today! LOVEd it.

  3. Very very very cold, but no snow. It is ~23 degrees and very blustery! The wind is rattling the windows. I wish we had some precip, it would be snow for sure :)

    Have fun with your little cuties!

  4. It's COLD!!! But not more than a 1/4" to enjoy. We're supposed to get 1 -3" tonight. Let's go snow! (or Ho Ho Snow as Sophia calls it...)

    And... green painters tape, huh?!

  5. Our snow has been here since the first week or so of December. Plus some ice. Then some more snow. Now it's just refusing to leave. The negative arctic temps are not helping. My dry skin has dry skin.
    Is that complainy enough?? :) Well, I know I will be all the more thankful for Spring at this rate. . .

  6. We haven't had that kind of snow this year.. But last year, don't even get me started!!!! I missed the snow on Christmas Day that's for sure! It looks like you guys are having such fun!!!!