Thursday, January 21, 2010

Donuts and hot dogs, anyone?

What creative ideas do you use to get your children to practice writing?
(or, if you don't like that question...)
What guilty item do you always pick up at the grocery store, hmm?


  1. i landed up scrapbooking carson's grocery lists b/c they are so cute:) go, ian !

  2. Santa gave Avery a stack of Post it notes for Christmas. She used them to create her own word wall on her closet door.

    Guilty grocery pick-up: cookie dough for eating, not for baking.

  3. Cute idea!

    I have my kids write thank-you notes from a very young age. Even if they cannot write, I have them draw. I try very hard to teach gratitude more than any other trait, I suppose.

    My guilty treat is Red Bull. I love it so much. (Sugar free, of course)

  4. This is why you are one of my top favorite blog reads: you document real life in the most fun and loving way!

    To practice writing: my dd is OCD over what holiday is coming next. I help her find it on the big calendar on the fridge and write the name of the holiday in the square (usually takes up ~3 squares...) Then she draws an "x" each day o count down. She gets very excited every day and exclaims, "We're almost there!"

    My CURRENT guilty pleasure: chocolate eclairs from Wegmans grocery store...

  5. Coke... from the end of the check out aisle.

  6. You've seen mine... ;)