Monday, January 4, 2010

Nathan and other BFFs

Two things:

1. Can he be more amazing? I ask Nathan to design me a new blog header. I tell him I'm thinking lollipop trees. He gives me lollipop, bubbly, wintry, berry, happy trees, with a Yeebird on top for good measure.

Uh huh. You know you're jealous.

2. Ladies: Fool-proof way to get your husband to buy you an iPod? Borrow his. Every. Single. Day. For two months. (not that I would do that, but I digress.)

Meet Frenchy, my Christmas present and new BFF, in all her hot-pink glory:

Music suggestions, please? High energy tunes are a must. Frenchy is hungry . . .


  1. LOL! LOVE your Lolly Trees. Lucky girl :)
    Love Frenchy too. No suggestions from this girly though :)

  2. feel good: Jason Mraz, I'm Yours.

    One of my geeky fave's: Grease is the Word (from Grease Soundtrack). Ease on Down the Road, Michael Jackson.

    Nathan could have himself a very lucrative business, if he just switched the sign on the door to "open".

  3. I AM insanely jealous! I want to re-vamp my blog; update pic, new header, but I just don't know what I want. How much does Nathan charge? He has your talent for sure.

    Ooo lah lah. Helllllloooo, Frenchy!

    I agree with Sara on "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz; a personal current fave of mine right now. And I'd pick a few from the tv show, Glee: "Maybe This Time" would be my top choice.

  4. The lollipop trees are precious.

    And, I love your method in acquiring an Ipod. That's just plain smart thinkin.


  5. Stephanie WilliamsJanuary 5, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    I will bring my computer over and dump some great workout tunes on your pod.

  6. You must get Phil Wickham's new album Heaven and Earth. I think it's still just $5 on And speaking of that, they have like 800 $5 albums right now, so you can fill that baby up!

  7. I am really diggin' that pink!!!

    And way cool points for hubby making you that header, its cute!

  8. I love your header! And your pink iPod! I had that very same one in my hand the other day when I was shopping, but I put it back until I can prove to myself that I will consistently use my gym membership ;) As for suggestions - I got both volumes of the Glee soundtrack for Christmas, and they are full of fun, feel-good, energetic songs.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and for your kind comment!

  9. I know this great pianist named Ruth something, (her husband calls her "Sweetie" and "Babe" in front of crowds of people). I think she now has tunes available for pods...

  10. We must of been thinking the samething! New blog header and lollipops! Created a new header last night and lollipops because I have not had any sugar since the first... sigh!

  11. it's so sad you are so so uncreative.
    like, really sad.
    Love the new header.
    And I have to Frenchy related to "Sophia"?? ;D
    Sam & Ruby. Not energetic, but love the style.
    Rock on sister!