Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Tie

The answer to "Um, daddy? When am I gonna get one of, uh, those things?," was waiting Christmas morning under the tree.

Since then, Ian has worn his tie often around the house. He calls to me from the other room, "HONEY? HON-EEEEY!" He "goes to work" too. He wears it with his Indiana Jones hat on adventures, saving Lilly, ahem, I mean, Marion. Today, the tie went public. Ian proudly wore it to church.

Moms of little boys:
JC Penney's zipper ties are fantastic. Little guys grab the tie and cinch it up to put it on, then do the opposite to take it off. The styles aren't the greatest, but it makes for a perfect first tie. Happy shopping!


  1. So sweet! Carter had that kind of tie when he was younger. Very smart. He, too, wanted to wear it everywhere.

  2. I love your childrens' imaginations! Lily as Snow White/Marion and Ian as Indiana cute. My dh has a casual hat a little like Indiana Jones' hat. Julia likes to wear it and I call her 'Indiana Julia'.

  3. thanks for the reassurance, rebekah ;)
    ♥ the tie. i have an abundance of those at our house for the boys' fashion cravings. also cute is those fat vintage old man ties that clip on -- the boys will don them with suit jacket and jeans. so sweet

  4. Davin has insisted on wearing a tie to school every single year on picture day. This is the only time he will wear one. So far it has never even been upf or discussion. I pray he keeps it up til senior year.

    Ian looks mighty handsome.

  5. I love it! Charlie loves Indy... Right now his Indy hat is sitting next to his Indy legos next to his crucible... (spray painted water glass from $$$ store...)

    Unfortunately, ties... he loves not much. We force them on occassionally but he's not into them much.

  6. Hey! Love it so cute! Thanks for the tip post about Lisa and her blog. She's guest designer this week. ;) Hugs!

  7. Paxton has yet to wear a tie. Aven's first one was his first Easter. He was 5 months old and it went down to his knees ;)