Thursday, January 14, 2010

Someday My Prince Will Come

Even though her voice is super teeny anyway, Lilly finds it necessary to talk and sing in falsetto when she's pretending to be a princess.

Here she is, cleaning with her Snow White broom while singing Snow White's song. Aunt Steffy took this video on her phone. I'm in the red slippers. Nathan, Ian and Patrick are playing the Wii in the background.

Turn your sound all the way up. So teeny. So sweet!

Who is YOUR favorite Disney princess?


  1. Unbelievable!! I couldn't get my voice that high, even if I sucked in helium. I have the kind of voice, that in the drive thru they always tell me "Please pull forward sir".

    My favorite is and always will be ALICE. No, she's not a princess. She is a B lister, but that is what I like about her...

  2. OH WOW!!! (I love the helium comment!)
    That's too super cute!

    I don't have a favourite princess. I grew up playing cars in the gravel driveway.

  3. ha ha, sara you're too funny!

    mine is snow white -- the dark hair fair skin thing -- the only one i could get away with dressing to match ;)

  4. This video is hysterical! I am actually making a page for my Tyggereye project this week (prompt is "Someday..." and my response is "my prince will come." I gotta finish it and post it...

    Like Michelle, the dark hair made me like Snow White best as a child, though I admired Cinderella's upbeat attitude and her dresses were better :)

  5. Adorable video (& princess atire!) - my little Madilyn loved watching it too!

    I'm not sure which princess I like best...probably Aurora/Sleeping Beauty.

  6. Love it... Belle is mine... although after seeing Princess and the Frog tonight I must say I like Tiana a lot.

  7. Too cute! I'm amazed at just HOW MUCH she sounds like Snow White!

    I could never decide between Aurora and Cinderella. Of course way back when, it was Cindawawa.

  8. That is just beyond precious!

    And if she really digs the whole "cleaning" thing..we really MUST plan a play date ;)

    Ya know, I never really had a fav princess. I was more into "The Little Match Girl" book as a kid..depressing book.
    Shocking, right? ;)

  9. Charity--Belle is mine, too.

    She's the brunette, the bookworm, the dreamer.

    I could always identify with her.

  10. I so meant to post last week but got busy. I just adore this video. That is just too sweet, love it, love it. She is so precious and what a wonderful way to document her childhood. You are a GREAT mom!